Membership Benefits :  IATA provides many services and benefits for their members. The association is continually looking for ways to promote and support small transporters and for additional discounted products and/or services that are used and needed by auto transporter operators. Members have access to free seminars and information and to discounts and benefits on specified products and services offered by independent third party providers that have agreed to provide discounts and services to IATA members.  Not a member?  Join now!

Not a member? Join Now!

Triad, Inc, a GA corporation doing business as Travis Barlow Company, selling auto transporter and tow truck insurance in 40 states

Huntley Wealth Insurance, a leading provider of life insurance, offers savings up 70% and instant quotes

Accidental death/dismemberment  (New policies currently unavailable)

​Seminars and Education,  Safety Awareness, Advocacy, DOT, FMCSA & SAFER Information.